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Press release : public servants strike
(6 June 2007)
The Executive of the General Synod of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa, wants to re-affirm our position and acknowledge, that all citizens of South Africa should be able to live a decent and dignified life. Underpinning this life are the rights and privileges to work and the right to earn a decent and living wage. To this end the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa, supports the public servants who are on strike at the moment, to achieve that end. May their efforts be rewarded soon.
Press release: situation in Zimbabwe
(15 March 2007)
It is with deep concern and sense of sorrow that we have learned of the raid of the Zimbabwean authorities on a Prayer meeting of the Movement for Democratic Change, (MDC) last Sunday, because the government of Zimbabwe regarded the prayer meeting as illegal.

As a church we believe the legality of prayer is constituted between God and the people who believe in God. Governments have no right or authority in this matter. It has become a dark day when governments can now decide what is legal or illegal for believers in terms of their faith. It would be sad day if believers have to ask governments to legalize their prayers and even have the contents of their prayers scrutinized. For us this reminds us of a situation, not so long ago in South Africa, when many a time our prayer services for liberation, were raided and even banned by the apartheid government. That is why we as a Church, feel so deeply for the people of Zimbabwe. Prayer meetings have always been the way Christians respond to difficult situations, as it was in our struggle in South Africa.
Church Reunification
(2 November 2006)
The Executive Committees of the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa (DRCA), the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA), the Reformed Church in Africa (RCA) and the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) met on 16 August 2006 in Bloemfontein to discuss church reunification and the way forward of the four Churches. In our discussions we talked frankly and openly about our road together thus far, and the way ahead.

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