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Dr Rodney Tshaka appointed in the USA
(14 April 2008)
Dr Rodney Tshaka, who obtained his doctoral degree from the University of Stellenbosch, was appointed associate professor at the Seminary at the University of New Brunswick in the United States of America. He lectures in the field of Ethics and Community. He is the first Global Lecturer at New Brunswick Semenary.
James Buys-The Great Mountain is gone
(14 April 2008)
WYNBERG- On 1 March URCSA and the Ecumenical Church suffered a heavy blow by the death of Rev. James Buys. His death leaves a void of considerable proportions. Rev Buys who was the minister of the Wynberg Congregation of URCSA, also served two consecutive terms as moderator of URCSA's General Synod. He was also moderator of the Cape Synod, a position he held together with the position of moderator of the General Synod. He was also actuarius and his insight and interpretation of Church Law continued to serve URCSA well.
James Buys' involvement in URCSA was always marked by his servant hood to God and URCSA.
Macmaster appointed Dean of students
(14 April 2008)
STELLENBOSCH - Rev Llewellyn MacMaster has been appointed as the new Dean of Students at the University of Stellenbosch. He will coordinate the non-academic life of students on campus. He heads the Division for Student Affairs and liaises with the Student Representative Council and other student organisations.
Majority of DRC says no to Belhar Confession
(14 April 2008)
KEMPTONPARK- After the Achterbergh 2 unification meeting the DRC started a consultation process amongst its congregations in order to establish how they feel about the unification process. From 17-18 March 2008 the Moderamen of the General Synod had a thorough discussion on the feedback they got. The congregations were asked to respond to the process itself as well as the place of the Belhar Confession in the new church.

The result of the consultation was reported in the daily press before the Moderamen could inform the Church. In a press release the DRC said that the way the story was dealt with in the daily press was biased. From the press release of the DRC it is also clear that an undertaking that was given within the Moderamen, not to go to the press, before the official letter was send to the congregations, was not honored.
There is no room in the Inn
(2 February 2008)
The plight of refugees in South Africa

Since the dawn of democracy in South Africa, many people from other parts of our continent flocked to this land. They saw a bright new future arising on the horizon of Africa's last oppressive colony. They felt they could share it with their brothers and sisters in South Africa. They fled their own troubled countries to make a new beginning. They became refugees among us.

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